Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

ok lets do a list of nerdy things i can think of. please correct me if im wrong or if i need to add or change anything.

1: Dungeons and Dragons.

2: People who go to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince wearing robes, glasses, and a cheesy scar tattoo.

(please not that the number two is simply referrring to the idiots in the robes and crap, not the movie itself)

3: Doing math and thinking that its fun.

4: Editing wikipedia

5:Learning Java, HTML, or any other related coding system outside of school.

6:Riding on a bicycle with knee and elbow pads on

7: Bowling shoes

8: Fanny packs


i guess you guys will just have to deal with eight of them

like i said feel free to add comments about what i should put.

i will make a master list

and go do these things