so i know i don't post that often usually. but i'm trying to change that, so this post is going to be entirely what comes to my mind in the next twenty minutes. one sentance for every minute


god im so bored. i have no new emails


yay and email!

... and four spam


im bored again. i need to leave in an hour. why do i make such weird posts?


are minutes supposed to go by this fast? seriously i dont have enough time to think and then write at the same time

now im waiting for 12:24


well that took long enough. ooh, that was a gruesome part in the book. kid gets essentially squashed by a boulder.


well i just decided im not doing this for fifteen more minutes so im going to do this for two more minutes and ill be done. now im being annoyed by my brother.


why god did i start this? this is the most boring thing ive done in a long time.


yay another email. im going to answer it and leave this god forsaken post

bye now


Finals are over. Finally. lol. i didnt even get that until i wrote it down.

Cruz's blatent disregard for blogger policy to give a two week notice prior to shutting down a blog has encouraged me to continue my blog. I'm trying to have it contain more random humor. I'll also get Cruz to say things on here once in a while. K? on to the random humor part got it?


well i know that last post made no sense.


reason for halo background: none

reason im pissed: the pic doesnt show the arbiter well at all

as for children:

we have sam and melissa

they piss me off.

if they ever figure out this thing exists, i might need to delete this post

reason: they bite.



i have no idea

im not in their heads

all i know

is that they bother me

i have nothing against complete sentances

but then the post looks too short

so if i press enter

its longer

and i feel less guilty

sorry about the "tommorrow" thing. if you think about it "tomorrow" never will be. its always today.


yup its four o clock

and i have a party to go to at five

so im leaving

when i play halo three, im always the arbiter. everyone makes fun of me. the marines, the brutes, and even the person i was playing with. eventually i got so pissed off that i blew off each of the marine's heads with a spartan laser.

moral of story:

take anger management