so i know i don't post that often usually. but i'm trying to change that, so this post is going to be entirely what comes to my mind in the next twenty minutes. one sentance for every minute


god im so bored. i have no new emails


yay and email!

... and four spam


im bored again. i need to leave in an hour. why do i make such weird posts?


are minutes supposed to go by this fast? seriously i dont have enough time to think and then write at the same time

now im waiting for 12:24


well that took long enough. ooh, that was a gruesome part in the book. kid gets essentially squashed by a boulder.


well i just decided im not doing this for fifteen more minutes so im going to do this for two more minutes and ill be done. now im being annoyed by my brother.


why god did i start this? this is the most boring thing ive done in a long time.


yay another email. im going to answer it and leave this god forsaken post

bye now


Dark wolf said...

uhm, wow, you seem really bored...

Salom said...


Cruz said...

lol xD

wow interesting post =p

and I read back a few also... sorry bout no 2 weeks notice >.< lol

The Girl Who Could Fly said...

:'( even you and dark wolf got byes on cruz's blog... all I got was an "I dont hate girl but dont want anything to do with her" :'( I just got over being really upset about all this now I'm really upset again after seeing that... oh God... :'(

-takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly trying to calm down and not cry again like a minute ago when I read cruz's post-
Nice post! Wow you sounded bored doing that LOL I know I would have been aswell! LOL!

Fly on forever!

The Girl Who Could Fly

Dibsy said...

dat was strangely entertaining xD

lydia said...

Hey just found your blog its fair class.

I don't know if its just me but I found that hilarious. Maybe I just have an odd sense of humor