cruz, i didnt say it gets on my nerves.
i meant its just wierd how you always post about 5 minutes befor i get on
srry if you took that the wrong way




you better watch out
i think shes a guy
i cant really tell but something aint right
Hillary clinton is coming
to town

shes a makin a list
and checking it thrice
gonna find out who's demis and reps
Hillary clinton is coming
to town

she moniters your phone calls
she knows when your not home
shes got access to your tax records
so be good for goodness sakes


you better watch out
i think shes a guy
i cant really tell but something aint right
Hillary clinton is coming
to town


here comes john mccain here comes john mccain right down john mccain lane
hes got a stack of jury duty and rascism on his hands
bombs are ringing grown men screaming all is horrid and damned
so grab a rifle and say your prayers cause were all going to iraq

does anyone else get the feeling that cruz is always on at the same time as you?
its kindof strange
actually its downright wierd
not cruz
just that shes always on when im on


it's everyone elses turn to get stared at now because they have American accents.
(flare tried a fake british one and got yelled at)
"santa" neglected to come this year
so i guess no presents
oh well
lets give a round of applause to Jesus
for sticking with us for two thousand and eight years
and counting
if your jewish
then good for you i like your jewish rye bread


well we're back in the Jolly Old
in other words we're in England
Piersav and i have british accents slightly so its actually nice not to be stared at.
if any of you ever see a person with a british accent dont stare
its not nice
merry christmas



Im giving out a cool blogger award every week because im bored

the winner this week is
because he's cool and awesome
and he likes lord of the rings
i made a playlist just for him this week (yes i know he doesnt come here)


Please Help Bloggers Less Fortunate Than You

ok so i have two friends following my blog that dont have many followers because for some reason their blogs didnt start as well as mine, and they didnt run into all you cool people who follow my blog.
yup i always start by sucking up
lets have a big welcome for Will and Xavrias
i want you all to be nice and go to their blogs like nice people do
and i want you to read the blogs
or look at the pictures
or both
and then i want you to comment on those blogs
and then i want you to follow the blog if you like it
because thats what nice people do
heres the links


good little boys and girls and hybrids

you each get one of cruz's sweets that ive been hoarding


well i got tagged so here goes.

1.Each blogger must post these rules first.
2.Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3.Blogger s that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things.
4.At the end of your blog,you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
5.Don't forget to leave them a comment,telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog(which Radar/Silence did not do)


1. I don't like being tagged
2. Because it requires thinking
3. To think of facts about me
4.So im only writing four facts
5.I don't like daytime very much
6.I don't like cars very much
7.I like to sleep
8.I like to run

now for the people i tag
1.Radar(to be a jerk)
2.Silence(to be a bigger jerk)
6.whoever the **** started this whole thing


Finals are over for the week, and I know I didn't post for a while but i was kind of studying a lot. anyway, on my history final i got a one hundred percent, on my science and language arts i got a a- and in math and public speaking i got a b and in graphic design i got a c.
now yeah... what to write about...
were leaving today and we'll be back on sunday afternoon.


i got all A-'s on my finals



my name is storm

i used the wolf-name thing and my wolf-name is storm

also i realised that when you pay attention in language arts it pays off

and ive been looking into enterkey-gum


i made a chat box (obviously)


nothing of improtence happend




Flare had her first day of school today.

She actually had a decent day and made FRIENDS

i have yet to do either



when it does i will post agin

untill then i will post large ammounts of comments on your blogs



were back and we are not gone anymore

and were not leaveing again for atleast 3 days

no i stilll cant spell anything

ill post tomorrow i promise

but im really tiered

and i think im addicted to the enter key

bye again


hhey were leaving for 2 days and then well be back

cruz-rybon says please dont leavae his blog




geez-i told you not to worry

im 2 miles north of where you are

go there

wait there

ill find you

yess im in a library -_-



He is gone.

hello everyone. i know i havent been on very much at all. i would not have probably ever gotten back on except that something is wrong. Salom is gone. he could be dead, he might not, but last night we were chased and when it was over, he was gone. there is no way he can find us, because we do not have cell phones. he doesnt have a computer to get on here with, and all we can do is look. i hope nothing is wrong.


hello everybody.
now i don't have to feel so bad about my drivers license and my car.
but thanks to storm, flare actually gave me a birthday pencil and when i sharpened it it went boom.
and no im not just blaming storm because flare actually said she got the idea from storm saying the thing about the birthday cupcake with gunpowder.
it was kind of funny today because Rybon kept on taking it personally that Flare wouldn't go out with him today, but she was only going to see twilight, so i don't know why he freaked out. he needs to stop being so possessive about Flare, because when he gets possessive, he gets weird.
i got a birthday gift from Taylor in the mail (i told her what hotel were at) and she was feeling sarcastic i guess because she got me a pair of wing clippers. to all of you who don't know, those are to make little cage birds not fly.
Piersav got things too, but im not posting about him, so too bad that he never gets on.


apparently flare made some new friends today. she was on my laptop for about 3 hours :(

i had a algebra II test today and i got really bored because it was really easy except one question. it looked something like
"find X"
so i couldnt use synthetic division and had to use polynomial long.
but i had about 2 minutes left so i just put

so techincaly, i "found" x

now im probably going to get an f

oh well...



i just got on to write my last post of the day. and then i saw that i had a comment. it was kindof creepy.

Please tell me where you are at the moment or your real name. I can fly and so can you. I can find you.


one, i doubt he can fly.

two, he cant really find me.

three, if he did i would actually let flare get her flamethrower and possibly the staple gun.

four, i have chuck norris on speed dial.

five i would kick his a** with or without chuck norris.

six i would...

six i would...

well i dont know but its still a creepy comment and a lot of people got it.

seven, i think whoever sent that is a hippy.

eight im tired and im going to sleep.

nine -Salom

well aparently flare didnt go to the hardwarestore so i dont need to worry about staple guns for now. so i still have to keep an eye on her until she forgets which could take a LONG time.

also i got disqualified in a writing competition for goin 23 words over the word limit 23 WORDS!!
so that isnt good. and also i have to study for semifinals because i "was sick" for most of the school year so far.


this is why i will be in pain for quite a long time. let me show you the comment conversing on echos blog.
it started with me...

Salom said...

flares giving me a pressuer point until i put this on all my followers blogs and her pressure points hurt like he** so here goes she wanted to say that her blog is on flaresblog-flare.blogspot.com

November 15, 2008 10:13 PM

Anonymous Echo said...

The song is called Hey Hey by Superchick...I heard it on another blog and I liked it.

November 15, 2008 10:18 PM

Blogger Storm said...

it is good. and where's the pressure point? is it neck... or inner elbow... or somewhere else?

November 16, 2008 11:00 AM

Blogger Radar said...


November 16, 2008 2:55 PM

Anonymous echo said...

yes ray??



November 16, 2008 7:48 PM

Anonymous flare said...

mix of neck and inner elbow.

November 17, 2008 5:37 PM

Anonymous flare said...

and i use nails

November 17, 2008 5:38 PM

Blogger Echo said...

don't give me ideas

November 17, 2008 7:00 PM

it didnt end there oh no.

it once again started normal

Blogger Flare said...

you do know i meant fingernails

November 17, 2008 8:20 PM

Blogger Flare said...

i REALLY hope i never run into that guy. not to be tree-ist

November 17, 2008 8:23 PM

Anonymous echo said...

lol same here.
And yes I know you meant fingernails. lol

November 17, 2008 8:30 PM

Anonymous flare said...

although with a quick trip to the hardware store...

November 17, 2008 9:09 PM

Blogger Storm said...

pff. forget nails, i have a STAPLE GUN!!!
but i use it only for repairs. i swear.
although that could change... *slow, evil smile spreads across face, accompanied with an almost inaudible chuckle* mwahaha...

November 17, 2008 9:55 PM

once again, i will have to check my back for the next month and a half. i dont think she would use the staple gun. i think. piersav and i are officially taking shifts to sleep, and were locking flare in her room and possibly finding ways to destroy all the nearby hardware stores. good night. i hope.

read it and put it on your email

Amber Alert
Staff Sergeant Rick Williams
Rolla Police Department
1007 N. Elm St .
Rolla , Mo. 65401
(573) 364-1213
Fax (573) 364-6346
Please look at the picture, read what her mother says, then send it through your email (this exact message) to other people, thank you!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My 13 year old girl, Ashley Flores, is missing.
She has been missing for now two weeks.
Maybe if everyone passes this on, someone will see this child.
That is how the girl from Stevens Point was found by circulation
of her picture on TV. The internet circulates even overseas,
South America , and Canada etc.
Please pass this to everyone in your address book.
With GOD on her side she will be found.
'I am asking you all, begging you to please
forward this email on to anyone and everyone
you know, PLEASE.
It is still not too late. Please help us. If anyone
knows anything, please contact me at:
I am including a picture of her.
All prayers are appreciated! ! '
It only takes 2 seconds to forward this.
If she were your child, you would want all the help you could get.

courtesy of Alex Sanchez

now i feel stupid. when i said polynomial long division only works on blah blahblah blahblah, i meant synthetic division. not that most of you care, just saying to avoid people correcting me

well, yeah, i do heal pretty fast, and thats more the reason to set the arm faster. also, it sucks typing with my right hand because i am a lefty. and also, polynomial long division only works on problems like
x" +x+3

" is the same as squared when i type.
it doesnt work with binomials or polynomials. only monomials. if you dont understand any of this, its ok. i didnt know it until last week.

we set the arm with a metal rod and some cloth, and i think its doing ok
ps. it wasnt my idea to put PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. i only said one please in lower case.



i kinda fell down a flight of stairs and i think i broke my arm
anybody seeing this with an M.D.?
well then.
has anyonne here ever broken an arm.
actually its not THAT bad, but i dont want it to set wrong and end up with a bad arm.
with typing help from

flare just gave me a pressure point
for not telling you
about her blog
ok she stopped. but she wanted me to tell you that her blog is flaresblog-flare.blogspot.com.

so i changed my web address to salomsblog.blogspot.com but then i checked on echos blog and saw i had a link to my blog and it didnt change so i had to change my web address back but im changing it to salomsblog.blogspot.com in exactly one week.
thats 7 days.
thats 168 hours.
thats 10080 minutes.
thats 604800 seconds.
thats 6048000 deciseconds.
thats 60480000 centiseconds.
thats 604800000 milliseconds.
you guys have that long to remember this otherwise your screwed and youl think i deleted my blog. sucks for you if you think that.

apprntly i have to do about 25 math problems on polynomial long division and then write a thesis statement for english and then i have to finish it all off with a pagelong report on DNA. (the DNA part is going to be fun)
Rybon (i get to sign my name because im reserching DNA for him)


well, that was interesting. first it was just like a normal date. we saw the 007, we went out and had dinner at chillies and then i told her, and she kindof didnt believe me, so i said i would prove it later. then when i dropped her off i took of my hoodie and slipped my wings through the slits in my tee shirt, and yes, she fainted, but only for about 5 minutes, and when she stopped being unconcious, she kinda screamed. but now shes cool with it, and i REALLY hope she doesnt tell anyone though. she said she wouldnt
-a very happy Salom

i didnt freak out. and i didnt even tell piersav. flare said good riddance and ice wanted me to follo you to school to see what its like. dont worry. i said no

im leaving now and by the way the others are coming back to the hotel because piersav stopped being angry at me.

yeah, im here so im going to her house to pick her up in half an hour. I used some extra money and a hobo to rent a car (because i dont borrow like echo suggested) wer going to see the movie Quantom of Solace, because we both like 007 movies. then ill tell her. this should be good...

well, since its finally friday i guess i dont have to go to school tomorrow. then im going to go see my girlfriend in the general area of the central united states. then ill tell her. then she will faint. then ill shell wake up. then she will probably scream or something. then shell think its cool. then, welll i dont know wat happens then, but i guess ill find out.


The Story of my Life

I was born. I lived in a cage.
*flash forward 11 years*
I broke out of the cage with Rybon. we found Piersav Ice and Flare. then we ran for a while
*flash forward 4 years*
I wrote this post.
I have a very boring life
That is all

hey guys Rybon came over for the rest of the week because he felt like it and he got bored so its like everyones on vacation but me.
im going to see my girlfriend, Taylor, this weekend and i think i might tell her about a certain condition i have.
I guess i like to say anyway.
that is all


lol what grade is she in is she pretty?
and is the guy back in school yet?

also, apparently that guy was a "repeat affender" and this one girl vouched for me, so i got off with 2 days of double detention. unfortunately, the girl keeps looking at me like she expects me to ask her out or somthing, but i already have a girlfriend ( :( for her) anyways, last night i studided very hard and i actually seemed semi-less dumb than i did yesterday, and the gim teacher likes me because most people just complain about how they have to run and do exercises, but i enjoy them. a few peepl like me now too because i broke that guys nose, but im not here to make friends. ( :( for them) anyways i got to go, and if Rybon reads this he has a comment.

that i did, Robert Varulfur, that i did


Rybon, i know your still on, so go to sleep peeple arnt going to give commnet that fast.

he said that i had a feather come out of my hoodie and that i must be smuggling birds
if only he knew

and how did you break his nose? what did he bother you about?

and sorry school went so bad

hey Salom i just noticed you had a blog. i mite go to school with you in a bit, but if 2 new kids who were kindof wiered just joined then they mite get suspicious. and in a bit im making my own file so i dont have to hack

I just got back from school. It was he**. in languge arts i think i got below an f on my spelling pre-test thing. how do you spell infurieting? well dont ask me, because that was on of the meny words i got wrong. the only class i thout i mite do good in was gim, and i did more pushups and situps and chinups than anyone else, but then this guy triede to mess with me and started shoving me. then he punched me. bad move. i really dont think i broke his nose THAT bad, mabye just a small fractrue or something... anyway, starting tomoro i have iss (dont ask me to spell out the words) for the rest of the week on my first day. basicly, if i wasnt so da** stupid, i might actually be able to get thruo a day.

well now i need to go to walmart and get all my schooll supplies because last night an old lady said that the 24 hour thingy only applied to addults.



when i signed up for school it said when do you want to join i said as soon as possible and apparently as soon as possible is tommorrow i have less than 18 hours before school starts what the he** do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*ahem* well then sorry about that. just had to leave a message for him. we got attacked last night and had to open a hotel window, which takes about 3 hours to do, so eventualy we just pried it open, and jumped out a 4th story window. anyway, we had seen them walk into the hotel, and we had time to get most of our stuff before leaving. that is all
fly on

Im sorry

im sooooooooo sooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy for being mean to you piersav, its just that when you put random **** on my blog it makes me angry!!!!!

get the he** of my f**king blog u ba***rd



seriously dude off my blog!


about 59 minutes ago, i said i wud wait an hour. i lied. we found a school in texas. were going there to get ready next week. bye

over the past 8 days i (with some help from my flock) have written 38 pages. now i will stop for at least an hour. that is all.

due to some advice from either echo, celedae, lilac, or tilla, we may be forging some credit cards and school certificates soon. i read online that i have to wait untill after christmas, so that kinda sucks, but at least we can go to school now. unfortunately, im the only one who ever reads textbooks, so i might be the only one going.

we arrived in canada. yesterday we flew over the mexican border just to prove no one would see us and we were right. it really does suck. but since they a decent border at canada, we had to take a plane over that one. its really hard to scratch your wing on a plane because the "lavatories" are to small, and you cant exactly do that in public. so i had an obnoxious itch the whole 3 hours there and then we finaly got there and when the pilot said we were unloading, the itch went away. i hate that itch.

no comment on the shaving thing

yes i can i can break your laptop with a metal pole, so stop.

ha ha

yes i did and you cant stop me! ha ha ha ha ha!!

sorry about that

he didn't have permission to get onto my blog. that is all.

hey there

hey, i finaly annoyed salom enough to let me use his blog. i ask you all to laugh at him because he cut himself shaving. lol.


now i have 5 folloers and they dont all know each other any more so im really excited about that and just so you know we r going to canada today. we bought our own metal detectors so we can check ourselves for metal before we go in to the airport, so we wont get stopped at security


u peeps r young

hey are all you guys (except seth, cause he didnt put a age) 13? just wondering.

alone at last

there finaly letting me go out alone. even tho i take care of them and tell them (mainly) what to do and where to go because im oldest. but anyway, they finaly let me go out alone and ive been gone for 2 days now. ill be back with them in 3 days. i left because i felt like seeing other things like belgium, but they want to go see germany. so were meeting in italy in 3 more days. its fun to do things like that.


ha ha

in the blog fly on, which i look at for entertainment purposes, the one comment of mine they publish in the post , this is a really awesome and really real world, is one of me saying how obnoxious it is that they never publsh my comments. they have very sick, sick humer

he won

he won, but im not going to canada because im in mexico. also, its relly bad to try to fly in an airplane, because nowdays they do strip searches if you have metal. that would be bad for us. so i guess were not going to canada for a while. at least a month.



whats it like? is it fun?


the ****ing ******* is ****ing wining


they estimate that he will win. i hope not. i guess well see at 9pm


coments coments coments


sorry about gramer

sorry about my bad gramer. for obvious reasons, i never went to school and was homeschooled until i was 10. now i read textbooks for fun. im wierd like that.

just kidding!!

i wudent really kill myself. i wud just not live in the US for 4 years. fun right?


lots of viewers now

he better notwin

If the wrong guy wins, ill either move to Canada and never fly back, or ill commit suicide. havent decided yet. i guess it depends if he wins. no offence to democrats.

one last thing

nothing. i just felt like blogging.

my span is longest tho

I should mention though that the girls each have around 13 foot spans, mark has a 14 foot span, and bryan is approaching 13 and a 1/2

on the topic of Maximum Ride

well, I guess its ok. highly unrealistic and at times insulting, but ok... if you alll like it then its fine with me i guess. but I will say my wingspan is at least 15 feet, nothing like 12 feet. I will say that if they are out there, then they are not protrayed properly in JPs books

arriving in alberquerqie

we just got done flying to alberkercie or howerver the **** you spell thatstupid city. next time were taking a plane, because we almost got seen like 7 times. kinda annoying. comments comments comments.


are you all from the same place or somthin?


its great. really. ill blog again later, but I just wanted to say im proud of you all for joining my blog. thanks. later. remember to comment. bye


well then

I guess we all follow each others blogs. fun.

polling extended

hey seth. thanks for joining us. I extended the poll time just so you can use it. hurry though, only 36 minutes left

ok... I guess

this is obviously a really slow blog. if anyone could tell their friends it would be great

message me

leave comments and stuff like that please... and no cussing unless u do the **** thing

well... I guess 1 follower is ok

hey follower, thanks for, well, following. I will post more today once we arrive in Manitoba, but for now im just on a brake so i cant post much. once again thanks for following.

Quick note

I just got an email wondering how people don't see my wings. good question. for one thing, i keep a jaket on a lot, and also, my wings fold in very good. and yeah, kidranger98, I do have feathers, but only on my wings. im not walking around in a duck suit here.

Have Fun?

Apparently Halloween was 2 days ago. I didn't even realise that until this morning. I could have gone trick-or-treating as a creepy bat guy with wings. Unfortunately, my wings are light brown and no one would mistake them for black. believe me. I would know. It does kinda suck that I don't get free candy, but I can always go buy some

Welcome to "the real 'fangs' blog"

The first thing you all should probably know is that if you haven't seen 'fangs blog', then don't. its a piece of ****. Bluntly, I don't think you should listen to James Patterson, who talks about flying kids saving the world and whatnot. If you want to hear about a real person, who does happen to have wings, thats fine. If you came hear to listen to another J.P. talk about "global warming" then get the hell off my blog. If your staying, you should know more about us. theres me, age 15, theres my twin brother, also 15, imagine that, Mark. Our good friend Bryan who is 14, and the the two youngest peeps, Maddy and Danielle, not related, but both about 14. I used to have an older sister, but since I got sent away to "happy government place" I don't really know her much. My name is Rick. I don't have a last name and if I did I probably wouldn't tell you guys, because frankly, I don't honestly care directly about any of you. no offense. We like to live in Canada because we can actually spread out our wings once in a while. you read that right. we have wings. each of us is part bird. no idea what kind of bird, but unless we just randomly sprouted wings when we were babys, obviously someone did this to us. frankly, I don't care if anyone did anything to me because it doesn't affect me right now, so I don't really care. we also like Britain and France. no, we don't like America very much. probably because theres too many wierd people who actually look for people with "differences."