hello everybody.
now i don't have to feel so bad about my drivers license and my car.
but thanks to storm, flare actually gave me a birthday pencil and when i sharpened it it went boom.
and no im not just blaming storm because flare actually said she got the idea from storm saying the thing about the birthday cupcake with gunpowder.
it was kind of funny today because Rybon kept on taking it personally that Flare wouldn't go out with him today, but she was only going to see twilight, so i don't know why he freaked out. he needs to stop being so possessive about Flare, because when he gets possessive, he gets weird.
i got a birthday gift from Taylor in the mail (i told her what hotel were at) and she was feeling sarcastic i guess because she got me a pair of wing clippers. to all of you who don't know, those are to make little cage birds not fly.
Piersav got things too, but im not posting about him, so too bad that he never gets on.


Will be fallen said...

dear Salom,
your right man.
thanx for showing me how all this stuff works.
i've been following max ride for while and what your doin is great man keep it up.just wait for midnight everynight for a new series in my "blog/story"

new blog buddy,

Anonymous said...

pencil went boom??? whoa...

crazy-kaki-mango said...

How'd flare make a pencil explode??

Cruz said...

I was going to follow your blog a while ago but you were you changing your blog address, so you're not now? anyway I don't think you should change it. anyways...Taylor's present- funny and Flare's present- EVEN funnier! LOL