I just got back from school. It was he**. in languge arts i think i got below an f on my spelling pre-test thing. how do you spell infurieting? well dont ask me, because that was on of the meny words i got wrong. the only class i thout i mite do good in was gim, and i did more pushups and situps and chinups than anyone else, but then this guy triede to mess with me and started shoving me. then he punched me. bad move. i really dont think i broke his nose THAT bad, mabye just a small fractrue or something... anyway, starting tomoro i have iss (dont ask me to spell out the words) for the rest of the week on my first day. basicly, if i wasnt so da** stupid, i might actually be able to get thruo a day.


Anonymous said...

dude, you cant spell at all. you even spelled through wrong.

Robert Varulfur said...

Geese, well at least you taught that guy a lesson.