Welcome to "the real 'fangs' blog"

The first thing you all should probably know is that if you haven't seen 'fangs blog', then don't. its a piece of ****. Bluntly, I don't think you should listen to James Patterson, who talks about flying kids saving the world and whatnot. If you want to hear about a real person, who does happen to have wings, thats fine. If you came hear to listen to another J.P. talk about "global warming" then get the hell off my blog. If your staying, you should know more about us. theres me, age 15, theres my twin brother, also 15, imagine that, Mark. Our good friend Bryan who is 14, and the the two youngest peeps, Maddy and Danielle, not related, but both about 14. I used to have an older sister, but since I got sent away to "happy government place" I don't really know her much. My name is Rick. I don't have a last name and if I did I probably wouldn't tell you guys, because frankly, I don't honestly care directly about any of you. no offense. We like to live in Canada because we can actually spread out our wings once in a while. you read that right. we have wings. each of us is part bird. no idea what kind of bird, but unless we just randomly sprouted wings when we were babys, obviously someone did this to us. frankly, I don't care if anyone did anything to me because it doesn't affect me right now, so I don't really care. we also like Britain and France. no, we don't like America very much. probably because theres too many wierd people who actually look for people with "differences."