i just got on to write my last post of the day. and then i saw that i had a comment. it was kindof creepy.

Please tell me where you are at the moment or your real name. I can fly and so can you. I can find you.


one, i doubt he can fly.

two, he cant really find me.

three, if he did i would actually let flare get her flamethrower and possibly the staple gun.

four, i have chuck norris on speed dial.

five i would kick his a** with or without chuck norris.

six i would...

six i would...

well i dont know but its still a creepy comment and a lot of people got it.

seven, i think whoever sent that is a hippy.

eight im tired and im going to sleep.

nine -Salom


beautifulangel said...

dude you watch he show chuck??!!!

Salom said...