Please Help Bloggers Less Fortunate Than You

ok so i have two friends following my blog that dont have many followers because for some reason their blogs didnt start as well as mine, and they didnt run into all you cool people who follow my blog.
yup i always start by sucking up
lets have a big welcome for Will and Xavrias
i want you all to be nice and go to their blogs like nice people do
and i want you to read the blogs
or look at the pictures
or both
and then i want you to comment on those blogs
and then i want you to follow the blog if you like it
because thats what nice people do
heres the links


good little boys and girls and hybrids

you each get one of cruz's sweets that ive been hoarding



Cruz said...

lol yes! sweets!... I'll check them out later, maybe tomorrow, I have to get off compy now ttyl *^.^* Cruz

Radar/Saphire said...

HA! You CAN'T Tag me! Storm already did!

Anonymous said...

lol cool i read them i love love love reading and i HATE math xd besides i got an A- lol

Salom said...

i CAN Tag you if i WANT to

Cruz said...

actually tag-backs are allowed... that's why I put a disclaimer at the end of my lost saying I wouldn't do it again if I was tagged back... I've been thru this before and it can take FOREVER before it moves onto another group of friends lol

Radar/Saphire said...

....do I have to do the thingy again?

Radar/Saphire said...