cruz, i didnt say it gets on my nerves.
i meant its just wierd how you always post about 5 minutes befor i get on
srry if you took that the wrong way


Cruz said...

ah Salom we're cool, I'm just a little touchy and emotional lately, didn't really realize what I'm saying erm tying sometimes, thanks for this post, it was weird to see a message to me on my dashboard lol... I've just been really down lately, sorry if I spread the bumming, I've been busy with this thing that's really ugh depressing, my 3rd blog, I have a deadline and I'm just grumpy... we're cool though. Have you heard from Robert? he was kinda helping me and Aria with something I'm working on, I know he had the baby but still, just wondering. oh and don't forget to go congratulate him on "hybrid Daughter" blog. anyway yeah that's it. ttyl

Will Has Fallen said...

hey salom, the computers i could get to locked me out.i finally got one that lets me get on.i will be updateing like crazy for the next week.

tell radar thnx for following my blog