Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

ok lets do a list of nerdy things i can think of. please correct me if im wrong or if i need to add or change anything.

1: Dungeons and Dragons.

2: People who go to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince wearing robes, glasses, and a cheesy scar tattoo.

(please not that the number two is simply referrring to the idiots in the robes and crap, not the movie itself)

3: Doing math and thinking that its fun.

4: Editing wikipedia

5:Learning Java, HTML, or any other related coding system outside of school.

6:Riding on a bicycle with knee and elbow pads on

7: Bowling shoes

8: Fanny packs


i guess you guys will just have to deal with eight of them

like i said feel free to add comments about what i should put.

i will make a master list

and go do these things


Dark wolf said...

hmm...*looks over list again* nope, i think you've covered it all. lol

The Coven said...

Excellent list. I'm sure there are hundreds of things that you can think of and go do, which I encourage you to do as well, because its awesome as much as it is nerdy.

Anyway, thanks for caring about our comeback. It's nice to know that there are still people out there who give a rats @$$ about what happens in the world.

Cruz said...

nice list lmao xD and I got griffindor too ^^

Dibsy said...

I hate being a hufflepuffle. >:(