ok i typed this on my phone under the table so its not very detailed

also, my edited commentary is in (parenthises)

i spellchecked also

names have been changed to reflect the peoples personality

My Day:

(mr. geyfeg) good morning class, open your books to page 374 (a few people open books, meaning one person, then i get singled out) Richard, why do you not have your book today

(me) i forgot it at home because my car wouldnt start (total crap, and not even half believable at that)

(mr. geyfeg) well if you keep forgetting your book like this you're going to get behind (in case you havn't figgered it out he hates me) ok then, you all need to do this (excessivly redundent) worksheet. you have 20 minutes

(everyone finishes in about 10 minutes and is talking while mr. geyfeg is on the phone to his wife/girlfriend. another 20 minutes elapses)

(mr geyfeg) %#^#$%^ you know what, that assignment took the other classes about five minutese to do, why are you guys always so slow (this is AP bio we're talking about here)
let me get your homework here (he takes about five minutes just to find the work on his cluttered desk)

(me) (yes i was being intentionally obnoxious because i was planning this post) could i get a drink? (diversions work well on him)

(mr geyfeg) why do you need a drink

(me) you see, when your body goes through the process of cellular respiration, water is discarded as CO2 gas (i know i'm not making sense thats the point)

(mr geyfeg) actually ... (the point of the ... is that the bell rang a few minutes into rudely correcting me, and i once again saved the class from bio homework. yay me lol)

so thats one of my classes.

no his name is not mr geyfeg

(thats implying gay fag)




Will Has Fallen said...

wow nice going lol
sounds like me on a daily basis
keep it up man
you my writing/blogging hero.
dont believe me check my bio for the shout out to you
big fan,

Cruz said...

omg! that was so funny =D you're such a smart ass lol ^^ *hugs*