well i've lost two followers now

and cruz, your chatbox WAS a secret

now its not because everybody reads my blog unless their not COOL enough (that means you 5,999,999,984 people who don't read my blog)


Cruz said...

lol xD and btw I'm upset with you! I saw you comment Girl's blog, so I know you read my blog and DIDN'T comment AND you actually sign in to comment her and you NEVER sign in to comment me (granted I always know it's you, but still not the point)I'm so jealous! lol ;) and hey how are you doing? I feel like I never talk to you anymore, guess you're just busy with life and all, but seriously drop me comment when you get online cause I think of you kk byez *hugs*

Cruz said...

I don't hate you, I know you're always opinionated even if it doesn't agree with everyone else, you stick by what you believe and that's one of the things I like about you, of course that's also one of the things that makes people not like you sometimes lol ;) but a quality I admire in you nonetheless ^^ and I know you're trying to watch out for my safety with the whole Moonwolf thing, so no I don't hate you. I think you're awesome. *hugglz* Cruz

Jordaniya778 said...

Hi, my name's Jordan. Nice to meet you.