story time: There were 2 frogs named Frankie and Marge. They were so in love with each other and couldnt stay separated from one another. They frolicked on the lilly pads together, played in Old Man Greenway's lawn together just for a lil scare. Old Man Greenway's been known to kill animals for just lookin at him. But one day Frankie and Marge got a lil too brave and frollicked a lil too long in Old Man Greenway's lawn. When they were wrestlin in the grass they heard a noise and didnt know what it was. It happened to be Mr. Greenway's lawn mower and it chopped them up to pieces. THE END.


Cruz said...

So funny! thx for the laugh... and when you delete Rybon's blog can you delete the 2nd cruzcontrol too... and also... umm if you had extra time, I know you have quite a few blogs to keep track of, but if you did have the extra time and wanted to, did you want to help me with my blog? we kinda have the same sense of humor and you always add fun to my comment tread, so I thought maybe if you wanted, I was just wondering, but it's cool if you're too busy... I've become really busy too, that's why I need help lol