well we had skull-e-o-sis testing yesterday


(dont make fun i sounded it out, its the new fad among kindergarteners)

and it involves taking off your shirt in front of unsuspecting civilians who have no idea that i have six limbs/ a tattoo across my chest (tattoos are banned here)


i made a mistake

my car is a slightly more maroon color of a high heel


they may say that sesame street is ficticious

but for some reason, they always seem to side with the government...

like now they have this new sesame street live thing with sesame street people dancing about singing about the environment.

and now heres cookie monster


Salom said...

oh and about your comment


i have no idea what your talking about

but then its me...

and i am slow...

Cruz said...

what's with you and sesame street? lol... I like the cookie-crack pic, yeah I got a dark sense of humor lol... and on the comment are you talking to me? about deleting the blog? or when I asked you to co-author? Now I'm confused too! haha o-well

me said...

that would be teh one
the second one in case your wondering

me again said...

i have a hbit of getting confused and making others confused at the same time

Cruz said...

the second question was about deleting the blog... I think you meant the third, it's okay if you don't want to help meh, you have enough blogs to keep up with, we're still cool. I'll ttyl

*hugs* Cruz

Cruz said...

and I confuse people too, have you seen me and Sonar try to talk? it's funny... and sometimes I make whole posts just to clarify stuff to several people I've confused lol I'm hopeless XD